The Last Layover: The New Homefront, Volume 1

The Last Layover is the first book of The New Homefront series where patriotic Americans struggle to survive in a collapsing world, while taking a stand against the evil and tyranny that quickly follows. The Last Layover is a fiction novel based on real places and potential scenarios where an out of control government pushes

A sneak peak at The Edge of Civility

  Does evil naturally reside within a person, just looking for an excuse to claw its way to the surface? Or do the events and surroundings in one’s life mold and shape a person into a form that is only capable of evil? One can only surmise that either of those suppositions could be true.

The Blue Ridge Resistance: The New Homefront, Volume 3

The Blue Ridge Resistance is the third book in The New Homefront series and picks up where The Guardians left off. The main characters have struggled to survive in a nation that underwent what appeared to be an orchestrated collapse, with several elements joining together to bring America to its knees. With the country and

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