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For a little over a month since the release of The Blue Ridge Resistance: The New Homefront, Volume 3, all three of the books in The New Homefront series have been sitting in the top 100 of Amazon’s Best Sellers List. As a new author, only having been published for eleven months… that feels pretty darn good. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me, read my books, and sent me encouraging emails. I feel like I stumbled across the opportunity to be an author accidentally, just like I stumbled across the airline pilot career accidentally, and am thankful beyond belief that it is happening. At forty-one years old I finally know what I wanna be when I grow up.

I’m currently working on book four in the series and hope to have it out sometime in the next month. I also have two other books in the works, of different themes, that I am anxious to get completed as well. I feel like I have stories just falling out of my head at this point.

I’ve learned a lot over the past year, starting from scratch, writing my first book mostly on an Android smartphone before moving it to a tablet and then on to a laptop. I hope to put those lessons learned down in writing sometime soon to help others that may have dreams of getting their thoughts into the hands of others.

Thanks again, and I hope you subscribe to this blog for future updates to the series as well as the new books that will be coming out as soon as my overly busy life allows.


God bless,

Steven C. Bird

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    I have enjoyed all the books in this series. I just finished the last book-The Resolution. I would put your work right up there with Rawles and A. American. These are two of my favorite authors on this genre of books. I now have a third. May your future books be as good as these have been.

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