Bobby Akart’s – Cyber Warfare

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Bobby Akart’s – CYBER WARFARE

Prepping for Tomorrow Series


Best-selling author Bobby Akart has once again put his vast knowledge to pen to produce his hit new non-fiction book, Cyber Warfare. You may have already heard of Bobby Akart through social media as the man behind Freedom Preppers, as well as the author of the instant hit series, The Boston Brahmin Books One and Two, which he co-authored with acclaimed author of the Black Flagged and Perseid Collapse Series Steven Konkoly.


First off, I would like to point out that Bobby Akart is not just a man behind a keyboard attempting to tap into the growing dystopian and preparedness genres of both fiction and non-fiction, he lives it, breathes it, and puts his skills and knowledge into a lifestyle, not just a literary career path. Being a fellow Tennessean, not too far from my neck of the woods, I can tell you he is one individual I plan to link up with when/if “it hits the fan.”


That being said, Bobby Akart has done an outstanding job putting together Cyber Warfare, in which he covers a vast wealth of information on the subject of Cyber Warfare, including the technical aspect, as well as the history, and current threats and events related to this all-too-relevant threat we all face. Our bank accounts, our phones, even our new high-tech modes of transportation revolve around technology and connected communication that is vulnerable to both inside and outside threats.


If you’re a fiction reader who wants to add some non-fiction to your reading list, or if you are simply one who likes to devour important and useful information, I wholeheartedly recommend Cyber Warfare, as well as the other books in his outstanding collection of works.


You can find out more by visiting his website at: You can also purchase his books through the slideshow below!




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