Survivor Jane’s – What Could Possibly Go Wrong???

Survivor Jane's


What Could Possibly Go Wrong???

How to go from completely clueless to totally prepared.


No doubt many of you already know the name Survivor Jane, whether it be from Facebook, Twitter,, Prepper Camp, or her other written works such as Survivor Jane’s Guide to Emergency/Survival Hygiene, or even the hit television show Doomsday Preppers.


For those of you who don’t, let me give you a little of her background. Jane, and her husband, used to live the lives of a typical corporate American couple with all of the luxury and comfort that their incomes afforded them. Now, however, they live a self-sustainable lifestyle on a mountain homestead where they raise their own livestock and grow their own food and medicine (if you want to know what I mean by medicine, just read her new book). Jane and her husband aren’t just tapping in to the lucrative and currently hot “prepper” genre, they are true to their word, living the life while on a personal mission to help educate others. These days legitimacy can be hard to come by, with people trying to cash in on what the next hot topic may be, and Jane and her husband truly have it.


In her newest book, What Could Possibly Go Wrong??? – How to go from completely clueless to totally prepared, Jane covers virtually every topic of importance in regards to survival and sustainability in our uncertain times. She covers topics such as weather disasters, pandemics, nuclear disasters, CMEs, tornadoes, mental preparedness, self-defense, the survival mindset, health and hygiene, fitness, medical and first aid, food preparedness, survival gear, sustainable living, finances, survival skills, and even the government’s role in the world in relation to what potentially lies ahead.


What makes Jane’s work unique? Well, first of all, not only is it a very entertaining and informative read, Jane also has the ability to look at things from a woman’s perspective. I’ll admit, if I were to write a non-fiction about preparedness, it would more than likely contain myriad specifications and technical details on guns, weapons, tools, vehicles, equipment, etc., potentially alienating many female readers from what is all too often a male-centered topic. Jane on the other hand has the ability to present her point of view from the perspective of a woman who has lived on both sides of the preparedness fence, both physically and mentally. That’s not to say her book isn’t for men also, it is very informative and entertaining regardless of the background and chromosome makeup of the reader, but her work definitely approaches the subject of survival and preparedness for a much wider range of audience than many other non-fiction books of the genre.


Without giving too much away, I’ll leave you with the strongest possible recommendation for Jane’s new book. It is available in both paperback and eBook formats, however, even if you download the Kindle version, I recommend getting the print version for your bookshelf. You know, for just in case… you’re electronic device might not always be available in a post-event world.


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