Where do we go from here, America? The never-ending fight for our rights.



Before I begin, let me say that this is not a statement of political opportunism, it’s a statement of total frustration. As the world tears itself apart all around us, we tear ourselves apart here at home. There has been a constant assault on our basic values, as well as engineered racial and economic class division, while chipping away at our rights behind the scenes for way too long.

It’s to the point where I truly wonder what it would take for us to heal from this as a nation, or if that is even at all possible.

There are too many in this country that use horrific events like yesterday’s terrorist attack in San Bernardino to their advantage, attempting (as the Obama Administration Chief of Staff once said) to “never let a crisis go to waste.”

I’m sorry, but if terrorists help you to push your agenda, aren’t you on the same team? Their goal is to change our way of life, change our values, and make us live in fear, intimidated by them. If you intentionally use their hate filled acts to your advantage, you’re basically pursuing the same goals.

When we face real threats of terrorism in our own neighborhoods, how can you logically argue that disarming us will make us safer? If you believe that, then I’m sorry, I believe you are willfully being complicit in the assault on our nation and our way of life.

Someone I’ve known for 20+ years, who is now a devoted left winger, just posted something basically defending terrorists by saying “You’re seven times more likely to be killed by a conservative than a terrorist.” It was a propaganda image generated by the left to divide us even more, and to have our fellow citizens see us as the literal enemy, while defending the Islamic radicals that seek to kill us.

This has got to stop. We cannot coexist when the stated goal of one half of the country is to destroy the other. As a constitutional-libertarian minded individual, every political stance I take is to defend my rights and values from the constant attacks from the left in their relentless efforts to crush our way of life. I honestly can’t remember the last time I supported legislation that sought to govern others in such away.

I often joke, as many of you have heard, that we need a zombie apocalypse… sadly, that’s because I can’t see us voting ourselves back to sanity. Sometimes, like when an entire political party jumps on board terrorist attacks to destroy our freedoms, essentially fighting alongside our true enemies, I just can’t see a logical way out.

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