Protesting in America: The Oregon Ranchers

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I have a serious question for all those who pass judgment, one way or another, on the Oregon ranch protest. Did you chastise the rioters who burned, looted, robbed, Ferguson and Baltimore? Or, did you support their right to be heard? If so, why are you chastising the Oregon ranchers? If you are against them but were for the aforementioned groups, I have a few questions for you, not to answer me, but to think about yourself:

-Do you pass judgment based on your political affiliation, simply because that’s the side of the fence you typically stand on?

-Do you pass judgment based on media bias? Do you have a negative view of them simply because your news channel paints a negative view of them?

-Do you pass judgment without understanding their plight? I’m not talking about what you’ve seen in a social media post or a news broadcast. Have you researched—on your own—and not only on one biased website, the long history of the conflict between the BLM and the ranchers? This issue goes back far beyond recent events. If you’ve not looked at both sides, perhaps you should.

-Why do you see one group—no matter how violent and destructive—as protesters, while another that is simply occupying an empty building as a radical, anti-government militia?

These days, everywhere we look someone is trying to write our opinions and beliefs for us, rather than simply giving us the facts so that we can form our own. As Americans, we should be proud that we are the heirs of a nation formed by those who refused to allow a large and powerful government to mistreat them and trample their natural, God-given rights. We should give our fellow Americans who are trying to raise awareness for their cause, who have not been the perpetrators of violence and destruction, the benefit of the doubt, and at a minimum, do the research ourselves before we make up our minds.

One of the greatest threats to our freedoms today is that we are too easily swayed by the pundits, talking heads, and agenda driven media that pervades our society.

Think for yourself, keep an open mind, and make a truly honest and individual opinion before you judge your fellow Americans. If after your own diligent and honest research you choose to side with the government over the ranchers, then, at least, you are being a thoughtful citizen, rather than just being a pawn in someone else’s game.

And just remember… we live in a day and age where people in that same state have gone to prison for collecting rainwater on their own property. Yeah, that’s right, the government now says it owns the rain that falls on your roof. Let that sink in for a moment.



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