Who am I and what have I done with me?


As I was browsing the farm and garden section of Craigslist, looking around at cows, farm implements, and other random cool things, I chuckled when I thought of how the twenty-two year old me would never recognize the forty-two year old me.

At twenty-two, I lived near Seattle and made a run for either Seattle or Vancouver, B.C. every weekend. I always loved the outdoors, that’s been a constant, but the thought of living in the middle of nowhere, like I grew up, did not appeal to me at all. I was living the life having left my simple roots behind.

If there had been an Internet readily available, I’m sure I would have been surfing for motocross, snowboarding, Jetskis, etc., instead of Craigslisting for cattle corals.

Then one day… I had kids and everything changed. Sure, lots of people say “everything changes when you have kids,” but many of them mean that their free time is now gone and their social lives along with it.

Everything changed for me for sure. All the things in this world that I used to think where important, ceased to matter at all. I found myself immediately wanting to be home with my wife and children above all else. No destination on Earth, no matter how exotic, is more appealing than wherever my family may be at that moment.

Monica and I both went from eating out all the time to raising our own chickens and sheep, as well as growing our own vegetables, and even dabbling in beekeeping for our own honey.

Now that we are setting out to live a simple life on a farm, raising cattle alongside our children as they grow up learning the wonders of the natural world, I can’t help but think, I’m so glad I finally found the real me.

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    Donna cox


    We tend to go back to how we were raised when we have kids. I never thought I’d love gardening and all the things I didn’t like growing up.
    You are doing great things. Plus I need your address so I can find you when it all falls apart.

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