The Shepherd: Society Lost – Now available in audiobook format!

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The Shepherd: Society Lost, is now available in audiobook format via Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Davis Sound, LLC and narrator Roger Bull did an outstanding job. Check it out for yourself!

The Shepherd: A Society Lost is an action-packed post-apocalyptic thrill ride detailing the struggles of former sheriff Jessie Townsend as he and his family seek shelter from a crumbling world with a self-sufficient life on a homestead deep in the Rocky Mountains. Sanctuary soon becomes what he meant to escape, peaceful bliss slipping into desperation and despair in the aftermath of events that shook the foundations that shaped our world to the core. An unholy alliance of conspirators had sought the collapse of our civilization in order to rebuild and reclaim it as their own. Never truly intending to coexist, the unlikely allies found their courses diverging, leading to a struggle that dealt the final death blows to our society. In the absence of the order and structure of our modern civilization, evil, suffering, and chaos were unleashed throughout the world. As the post-collapse struggles of the outside world begin to threaten Jessie’s mountain hideaway, a return to the world he left behind becomes a chance for redemption and survival in a society lost.

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    Are you going rto out the rest of the Layover series on Audible? I have been waiting impatiently. Hate to start another series of only the first book will be available.

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      Book two is out now and book three is in production! The first narrator developed health problems that prevented him from finishing the series, but it’s all worked out now and well underway! Thanks!

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    I purchased it the second day it was out and loved it. I’m a fan. Keep them coming please.

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