Absolute Anarchy by Johnny Jacks

AA Johnny Jacks


I first met Johnny Jacks the way I have met most people in the industry, and that is through social media. After getting to know the eJohnny, I had the pleasure of meeting the real Johnny in Oxford Alabama at the Southern Prepper’s Expo. One thing I noticed right off the bat with Johnny, was that in a world were being prepared has become filled with novels and how-to guides, he is the real deal through and through and has an absolute passion for getting his vast and extensive knowledge out there to share with others.

There are many people out there with a passion for preparedness and survival, but Johnny’s experiences through life make him unique. He served in Vietnam as a Green Beret, following on to Panama and elsewhere and had a long and distinguished career in the military. Following that, he’s done everything from gold prospecting all over the world to working in the government in the field of disaster preparedness. Johnny Jacks didn’t just Google his information, he knows it and has lived it.

Since meeting him, Johnny has become a close friend that I would trust with my life and my family’s lives if things started to fall apart. I’ve had the pleasure of getting sneak peeks of this book throughout its development and am excited to finally have a finished copy of my own.

I cannot recommend this book enough. Get the Kindle version for your Kindle or tablet/phone Kindle app, and get a paperback for your SHTF/TEOTWAWKI bookshelf. In my opinion, it truly is a must have.



Johnny Jacks was born in Alabama six months before D-Day to semi-literate sharecropper parents. He learned the demands of living self-reliantly off-grid, off city water, without indoor plumbing, and without assistance from a welfare state. He worked alongside his family to grow vegetables, milk the cow, raise and slaughter pigs, raise chickens, harvest wildlife, and preserve food to survive the winter. In 1954, his family moved to Mobile, Alabama where he mowed lawns to help pay the bills and provide for his own needs. On his seventeenth birthday, he enlisted in the Air Force, later transferring to the Army, where he became a Special Forces soldier, a Green Beret. He completed training at the U.S. Army Special Warfare Center in the spring of 1966 and began a career serving on Special Forces A-teams in Europe, Asia, and Central America, including a combat tour to Special Forces A-team 102, Tien Phuoc, Vietnam, 1967-1968. He became proficient in guerrilla warfare strategies and tactics, high-frequency radio communications, demolitions, intelligence gathering, and guerrilla group organization and operations. After retiring from the Army, he served as an instructor at the U.S. Army Signal School teaching electronics and communications subjects and later worked for several government agencies in significant positions involving national security and emergency preparedness program implementation and policy-making positions. These roles provided him with knowledge of the national security policy relating to continuity of government and continuity of operations, with insight into what will take place with the senior leadership when the Schumer hits the fan and the nation falls into a state of absolute anarchy. This combination of experience and education in off-grid, self-reliant living, guerrilla warfare, and national security policy imbued him with unique insight into today’s individual and group prepper survival needs and requirements, and gave him the skills and knowledge needed to defeat organized gangs and other bad guys and assist refugees under a state of absolute anarchy. Johnny Jacks continues to assist others to learn the techniques necessary to survive in a post-apocalyptic world and write dystopian fiction literature.


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