New Release!

Breaking the Beast: The Redemption of Joe Branch is available now in paperback and on Kindle. The audiobook production of Breaking the Beast is almost complete and is being narrated by acclaimed audiobook producer Kevin Pierce.

Former D.C. Capitol Police Officer Joe Branch found himself conscripted into service with a new global authority that quickly emerged to save humanity from the brink of extinction following the most significant crisis in human history. Once inside the beast, he became aware that the crisis was the product of the largest, most far-reaching conspiracy in the history of the world.

Can one man make a difference? Can Joe Branch, an average guy caught up in the middle of it all, walk away from everything he has left to try and right the wrongs perpetrated by his new masters?

You can listen to a sneak peek of the entire first chapter on my Facebook page by clicking HERE! And don’t to click LIKE while you’re there!

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