Why I Concealed Carry Every Day.

Many people who would look at my decision to concealed carry nearly everywhere I go as fear or paranoia, just don’t understand a few simple things about the real world. The police generally don’t stop crime, they clean up the mess and investigate afterward. Also, as we’ve seen in all too many cases lately, it can happen anywhere and everywhere. If legislation stopped crime, then no one would ever be murdered, as it is already illegal. Our population seems to continue down a violent path of economic, religious, and racial unrest, all while those who fan the flames of hate also what to disarm us and leave us vulnerable to the resulting violence.

Ruger American Rifle Review

For those who don’t have an unlimited spending account set aside for their firearms purchases, many firearms manufacturers have really stepped up to the plate to provide quality affordable options for today’s hunter and shooter. One excellent example of today’s outstanding options is the Ruger American Rifle.

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