Uniting and Dividing: Social Media and Us.

Whether you like it or not, social media is now intricately woven into our society and is here to stay (short of an EMP blast or something of that nature shoving us back into the hard-work ages). With that brings both good and bad, which we can see all around us every day.

Why I Concealed Carry Every Day.

Many people who would look at my decision to concealed carry nearly everywhere I go as fear or paranoia, just don’t understand a few simple things about the real world. The police generally don’t stop crime, they clean up the mess and investigate afterward. Also, as we’ve seen in all too many cases lately, it can happen anywhere and everywhere. If legislation stopped crime, then no one would ever be murdered, as it is already illegal. Our population seems to continue down a violent path of economic, religious, and racial unrest, all while those who fan the flames of hate also what to disarm us and leave us vulnerable to the resulting violence.

The Hot Wings and Beer Diet

If you want to lose weight, eat like a caveman. No, seriously. I’ve been on a caveman style diet for just a shade over two months, have eaten like an absolute pig at times, and have lost twenty pounds as of today. It’s literally almost a pound per day. I feel better than ever getting all of the poisons out of my body from our factory food supply, and my blood pressure has gone down from 150/90 on medication to 115/75 WITHOUT medication.

Gay Marriage in America

It’s hard for anyone to deny that our country seems more divided that most of us can remember during our lifetimes. It seems like every week there is a mysterious push for us to hate some other group, or some symbol of history, or someone else’s rights, beliefs, and lifestyle. For those who are celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision on gay marriage, and to those who may be upset by it, please, just stop and listen to what I have to say for a moment.

The moon is hiding behind the clouds…

Do you ever wake up in the morning with your heart just bursting at the seams with love and happiness? I did that very thing just this morning. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I sort of agree with that, but I don’t think that it truly makes the heart grow fonder, I

What if I told you… the internet IS the matrix?

Let me start by saying that I absolutely see the irony and borderline hipocracy of this post, being that I am typing it on an iPad, in an airport, after an exausting search for any available power outlet… It’s that time of year again… SPRING BREAK!  What does that mean? For some, it’s an oportunity

A Review of Reviews.

THE HOPEFUL NEWBIE   I’m still relatively new to the scene, having been published for almost a year with three novels and a Kindle Worlds novella to my credit. I’m currently working on my fourth, fifth, and sixth books and have learned a thing or two about the benefits and pitfalls of reviews.   At

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