Mike “Mountain Santa” Howard.

It is with tears in my eyes and a hole in my heart that I write this, as Mike Howard, the “Mountain Santa” left this world for another after losing his battle with cancer. May God bless his family, who are finding the resolve to keep up the tradition, and who are keeping the legend of the Moutain Santa alive in the hearts and minds of the children of this sleepy little Appalachian town.

Viking One is available now!

Available now on Amazon Kindle and paperback! Audiobook coming soon!

A Stand-Alone Novel from The New Homefront Series

As the fifth book in The New Homefront Series, Viking One serves as a stand-alone novel, chronicling the apparently orchestrated collapse of our fragile, modern world from the perspective of Jim and Lori Rutherford and friends, as their small town of Delaware City, Delaware begins to feel the noose tighten around them. As a preparedness-minded individual, Jim and crew, working together with friends, neighbors, and local authorities, try to secure their beloved town while keeping their minds open to the possibility of fleeing if the extent of the collapse is as great as they fear.

What if I told you… the internet IS the matrix?

Let me start by saying that I absolutely see the irony and borderline hipocracy of this post, being that I am typing it on an iPad, in an airport, after an exausting search for any available power outlet… It’s that time of year again… SPRING BREAK!  What does that mean? For some, it’s an oportunity

John Deere Red

My wife and I are accidental hobby farmers and wanna-be real farmers. Our life’s goal is for me to continue to write for a steady stream of income while we pursue our dream of maintaining a small farm in rural Tennessee. With that in mind, I no longer dream of the next motorcycle, boat, or

The Blue Ridge Resistance: The New Homefront, Volume 3

The Blue Ridge Resistance is the third book in The New Homefront series and picks up where The Guardians left off. The main characters have struggled to survive in a nation that underwent what appeared to be an orchestrated collapse, with several elements joining together to bring America to its knees. With the country and

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